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Nowadays, the demand on resource keeps increasing. Due to limited resources, people started recycling. For the reason, it is cheaper to use recycled material, and the quality can be as good as new material depend on how it was processed in recycle plant. Recycled materials have different characteristics, and they can be reused as new material. For example, plastic bags are one of the most common products that can be made of recycled plastic, and Kun Sheng Machine has more than 20 years of recycling experience.

Recycling will not only benefit the manufacture themselves, but also the consumers and the Earth will be benefit, too. Manufacturers recycle wasted material to decrease and save the wastes, and in fact they are actually benefited by reused wasted material. Product cost will directly add on the goods price. In other word, manufactures successfully decrease the producing fee so they can lower the goods price. This saves consumers money. In addition, the environment won’t be polluted because of decreasing garbage. In the future, there will no such thing, garbage. For this reason, recycling product has become one of most important consideration when manufacture goods.
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Plastic can be told as two major types, thermosetting and thermoplastic, Plastic products are very common in our life now. Consequently, plastic recycling had become a huge market, and of course it also makes huge profit of recycling them. In addition, understanding plastic will be necessary. Most of bags, bottle, and pipes are made of plastic. The most common and recyclable plastics are thermoplastic such as PP, PE, PET PVC, PS, ABS, Nylon, EVA and EPS.

Some of common Plastic product

* Agriculture film
* Plastic bags in daily life
* Drink bottles (PET)
* Milk container
* Holes and pipes
* Building insulation board

PP (Polypropylene) and PE (Polyethylene)
Plastic recycling processing may be vary depend on the material condition and quality. Common PP and PE plastics are agriculture films and kinds of plastic bags. To recycle these plastic is simple. Kun Sheng Machine’s recycling processing steps as the following:

Method to process and recycle plastic such as PP, PE or more:
1. Shred into pieces with shredder
2. Granulate or/and Crush into flakes with granulator or crusher
3. Wash and De-watering
4. Pelletize with Pelletizer
The methods will be different depend on materials.

Simple Example:

With automatic recycling plants, wasted material can be recycled easily. Nowadays, all of the equipments are special designed in easy and convenient ways to use. Shredders, crushers, and granulate are all designed with easy blade changing, wear-resistance plates, and chamber opening with hydraulic power. Additional, auto washing tanks and de-watering machines are necessary too.

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What will recycled plastic be used for?

Recycled plastic can be reused and reproduce such as bags and buckets. Left over plastic can be mixed with paper, mud or garbage for producing energy.

PET (Polyethylene terephthalate)

Not only items made of PP and PE are plastic product, but also PET bottles are another common plastic in our world. When we are thirsty, we might go to one of convent store and buy a bottle of drink or water. Another thought, we are holding one of PET bottles! It is everywhere in our life now.

Characteristics of PET

* An excellent level of wear resistance compared to other plastics
* A high flexural modulus (making it flexible.)
* A superior level of stability making it versatile and strong.
* A low coefficient of friction making it useful in various applications
* chemicals do not leak into the fluid or food stored within it - making it one of the most important products for food storage.

PET recycling plant is slightly complex than other plastic processing line. However, it is still recyclable, and Kun Sheng has solution for Grade A processing line. Recycled PET material can be reproduced such as clothes and blanket. Because of characteristic of PET, it can be made as man-made fiber materials, which one of very important material in clothes. PET clothes are quick drying, easy washing, and odor- resist, and it is also ironing free, and it is getting more popular in the world. One of well-know PET recycler and PET clothes producer in Taiwan is Tzu Chi, the Charity.

More information about recycling machines is available on Kun Sheng’s website.

Other Material can be recycled:

Most transportations such as Cars and Airplanes can also be recycled and separate into plastics, metals and more materials. Processing steps may different. One of car recycling processing is to remove major parts from the car, and then the car will be crushed into smaller piece for further recycle processes.

Metal processes
To separate precious metals like gold and silver from circuit boards:
1. Granulating and grinding with Shredders and Crushers
2. Incineration
3. Refining
4. Occur chemical recycling

Cell Phones, motherboards, and circuit boards on computers can also be recycled. It may be separated into kinds of materials. For example, gold, silver, and plastics can be obtained from motherboards. Kun Sheng’s recycling plant can crush, separate and collect plastics and metals.

More information about recycling machines is available on Kun Sheng’s website.

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